Saturday June 4th, 2017. 6pm. Videology, Brooklyn. Tickets here. All ticket proceeds will go to NYWIFTV.

Panic Attack! @ Eileen O'Meara

Panic Attack! @ Eileen O'Meara


Moara Rossetto Passoni- Writer, Director.

FRANCESCA is a coming of age story of a young girl journey into puberty. We see race, social class, media, and gender play important roles. 6m, USA.

The Beehive

Jacobie Gray- Writer, Director.

Transplanting the relationship of Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol during the 1960’s pop art scene into the present day, The Beehive follows Angelique, an ageing superstar socialite, who struggles to deal with the younger version of herself. 14m, AUSTRALIA.


Foster Wilson- Producer, Director.

A young, gay millennial discovers she's slept with the enemy and has to choose between swallowing her pride and standing by her principles. 5m, USA.



Yun Joo Chang- Writer, Director.

Sohee meets up with her ex-girlfriend Areum who is about to set off to live abroad in Germany. 16m, REPUBLIC OF KOREA.


Sarah Smallwood Parsons- Writer. Alec Cohen- Director/Cinematographer.

These four vignettes, give viewers an all-too-familiar peek at some of the bizarre characters that find their way into one woman's bed. 20m, USA. 



Alexis Chartrand- Director, Writer, Editor. Caroline Galipeau- Producer. Léna Mill-Reuillard- Cinematographer.

After her fall, Sophie is aiming to the surface, but she's unable to trust her entourage anymore. 19m, CANADA.


Panic Attack!

Eileen O'Meara- Director, Writer, Animator, Producer.

“Panic Attack!” is a hand-drawn animation from the point of view of a woman having a panic attack. 3m, USA.