Saturday June 3rd, 2017. 7.30pm. Videology, Brooklyn. Tickets here. All ticket proceeds will go to NYWIFTV.


Shmita (c) Gal Rosebluth

Shmita (c) Gal Rosebluth


Gal Rosenbluth- Director.

Ruthie, the most disciplined soldier in the girl's IDF Boot Camp,  starts a rebel of girl soldiers, taking advantage of the Year of SHMITA. 12m, ISRAEL.


Nat Girsberger- Director, Producer

What happens to your world of colors when you try to mix in the hues of another? 7m, Switzerland/USA



Karli Kopp- Writer, Director.

A mother refuses to let go of her dearest possession, her daughter. *Plyushkin is a Russian word derived from a character in Gogol novel, and is used to describe people with Diogenes syndrome. 18m, USA.


Sleep Training

Cynthia Silver- Director. Anna Ziegler- Writer. Samantha Slater- Producer.

Prisoners of their New York studio apartment, one couple tries to last 8 more minutes before succumbing to their infant's desperate wails and consoling her to sleep. 9m, USA.


Darlene Johnson- Director, Writer. Heather Oxenham- Producer.

Bluey is a powerful portrayal of an angry young woman trapped in a violent world of inner and outer turmoil. 14m, AUSTRALIA.



Catherine Taylor- Director.

When her grieving, widower father breaks his Lenten vow, an intrepid little girl sets off on a quest to protect him from a mythical bayou beast. 15m, USA.