Sunday June 4th, 2017. 3pm. Videology, Brooklyn. Tickets here. All ticket proceeds will go to NYWIFTV.

Dolores (c) Scarlet Moreno

Dolores (c) Scarlet Moreno


Scarlet Moreno- Writer, Director, Producer.

A dark comedy about a Mexican American girl grappling with her mother's fears and struggling to find her place while not being able to physically fit into a cultural stereotype. 12m, USA.

The Deer Queen

Brooke Thiele- Writer, Director, Producer.

A dark and provocative fable of the deep Northwoods, this
film stages a new myth in the encounter between the Deer
Queen, the Hunter, and the Crane. 7m, USA.


Samantha Slater- Writer, Producer. Cynthia Silver- Director.

Sophie, a struggling musician in New York, goes home for her father’s funeral and is met with the sudden reality of becoming her 12 year old, now orphaned, half-brother's guardian. 15m, USA.

Two Girls, One on Each Knee

Hannah Pascoe- Director. Pip W aller- Writer.

Two sisters, locked in an oppressive world and facing certain death, glimpse a way out when an injured gentleman arrives at their door. 16m, AUSTRALIA.



One Last Night

Kerem Blumberg- Director. Writer.

On their last night together in Tel Aviv before Orr leaves to Berlin, Noa and Orr fall into an urban adventure of punk, sweat and tears. 22m, ISRAEL.



Hannah Dougherty- Director, Writer, Producer, DP, Editor.

In this absurdist comedy a young woman is forced to come to terms with the extremes of her personality when she accidentally locks herself in a courtyard. 5m, AUSTRALIA.